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“Music is a Heartbeat” -Drew Angus

“Music is a Heartbeat” -Drew Angus

Mariposa Ribon, Staff Writer April 10, 2024

  On Wednesday night, March 27th, Drew Angus, a Connecticut-based singer/songwriter came to MCLA. The event was hosted by the Office of Student Engagement in the Achievement Lounge. The lounge...

Graphic by Angelina Clark

Top 10 Films of 2023: A Critic’s Guide

Alex Miller, Staff Writer April 8, 2024

Honorable Mentions: Infinity Pool, War Pony, Anatomy of a Fall, Robot Dreams, American Fiction, Under the Light, Strange Way of Life, Beau is Afraid, A Better Tomorrow, Asteroid City, Bloodhound, Strange...

Photo of Flavia Adabía

Inside the Life of Up-and-Coming Music Artist, Flavia Abadía

Ainslie Lafko, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

It’s not often that a person goes through a life-threatening accident and comes out the other side fully healed and with no lasting injuries. That’s why when such things happen, people often develop...

Photo credit to @danielhowell on Instagram

We’re All Doomed! The End of the World Through the Eyes of Daniel Howell

Angelina Clark, Web Editor April 3, 2024

On October 16th, 2009, YouTube creator Daniel Howell (formerly danisnotonfire) uploaded his first ever video, titled “HELLO INTERNET”. This video, a time capsule from the emo-fringed late 2000s, is...

The official cover of MCLA Student Bobby Lanes 24 first solo album, Backtalk.

The Voice Heard ‘Round MCLA: Lane’s Presence Felt Around Campus

Owen Brown, Editor in Chief March 19, 2024

If you’re an MCLA student, the name Bobby Lane ‘24 may sound very familiar. If not, you may very well have heard his voice, whether it’s because of his role as a catcher for the Trailblazers baseball...

Exploring the Intersections of Ecology and Migration: Unfortunately, It Was Paradise Exhibition at MCLA

Exploring the Intersections of Ecology and Migration: “Unfortunately, It Was Paradise” Exhibition at MCLA

Karen Yamada, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

From February 2nd to March 29th, 2024, MCLA is proud to present an evocative exhibition that delves into the entangled histories of ecology and migration. Featuring the works of artists Lorena...

Green Day in 1994

Why is Green Day Still Relevant 30 Years After “Dookie”?

Angelina Clark, Web Editor February 12, 2024

Bienvenue à (welcome to) J’adore la Créativité (In English: I Love Creativity) In this column, I will write about various topics involving arts, entertainment, and culture. I aim to focus on unique...

Student Spotlight: Tonimarie Basil ‘26

Student Spotlight: Tonimarie Basil ‘26

Karen Yamada, Staff Writer February 5, 2024

Meet Tonimarie Basil, affectionately known as Toni, a second-semester sophomore at MCLA majoring in communications with a minor in creative writing. Beyond her academic pursuits, Toni plays a pivotal role...



Mariposa Ribon, Staff February 1, 2024

On Wednesday, January 17th, the MCLA Choir held an open rehearsal at 4:00 pm at the Church Street Center Auditorium. The choir students took their places on stage, seated in a circle while instructor Erin...

Photo from Quad Cinema.

The Weekly Movie Thing – Angel Heart (1987)

Alex Miller, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

"A movie made by white America that cast a black girl, gave her voodoo things to do and have sex". - Bill Cosby    Well, it's been over thirty-five years since the release of Angel Heart...

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22 Years of the Xbox: A Retrospective of the Original Microsoft Console

Angelina Clark, Web Editor November 29, 2023

On November 15, 2023, various social media websites were filled with birthday wishes. “Who were these wishes for?” you may be asking. These wishes were for Microsoft’s original Xbox console, which...

Photo from Indiegogo

The Weekly Movie Thing: Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve to Exist (2022)

Alex Miller, Staff Writer November 27, 2023

Produced by Jack Clarke and director Brett Gregory, Nobody Loves and You Don't Deserve to Exist (2022) stands as proof that the pioneering spirit of independent British cinema is very much alive and...

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