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Written in the Stars: Astrology for Dummies

Written in the Stars: Astrology for Dummies

Macayla Flanigan, Copy Editor / Columnist March 16, 2023

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding in the world on what astrology actually is, some think it's witchcraft and others just confuse it with astronomy... so here we go!   Astrology is not magic...

All of Us Villains: The Best Book Series Youve Never Heard Of

All of Us Villains: The Best Book Series You’ve Never Heard Of

Nicole Lemire, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 9, 2023

*This review of All of Us Villains contains spoilers!*   In a lot of ways, my taste in books can be considered very basic. I get a lot of my recommendations either from friends or from Book...

“Daisy Jones & The Six” is a popular  novel which follows the rise and fall of a fictional 70s rock band. Amazon Prime Video announced that they would be adapting the novel into a miniseries which will premiere on March 3, 2023.

From the Page to the Screen: Daisy Jones & The Six Hits Prime Video

Nicole Lemire, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2023

This book review of Daisy Jones & The Six is spoiler free! By the time this issue of The Beacon hits the press, there will only be one day until the highly anticipated television adaptation...

Going to a small school  like MCLA can have both positive and negative aspects to it, but many students here are grateful for the experience.

An Ode to Small Schools

Jillian Currier, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2023

It’s not every day that students are hand-picked and invited to meet a successful alum from their major to sit down and talk to one-on-one. It’s also not every day that students are specially asked...

Spend on Spring Break or Have a Staycation?

Spend on Spring Break or Have a Staycation?

The Beacon March 2, 2023

Just one more week of classes left and it will officially be time for spring break 2023. Time flies, doesn’t it? It hardly feels real to be halfway done with this semester, and three quarters of the...

Outer Banks is one of the most popular shows in the world right now following the release of its highly anticipated third season. Should the show continue on for additional seasons, or is it time to wrap things up?

An Honest (and Possibly Controversial) Review of Outer Banks Season Three

Lily Richard, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 2, 2023

This review of Outer Banks Season 3 contains spoilers! Ten episodes and about nine hours of me sitting on the edge of my seat later, I must talk about the new season of “Outer Banks.” After only...

Happy Pisces season! This issue of Written in the Stars will be giving you your horoscope for the month of March, with a special emphasis on Pisces,

Written in The Stars: Your March Horoscope

Macayla Flanigan, Copy Editor / Columnist March 2, 2023

Welcome to Pisces season! Aries, you’re on the horizon! ~Pisces~  Pisces is the sign of endings and beginnings; a theme that may resonate with Pisces natives throughout their lives. You are...

The Highs and Lows of Being a Commuter

The Highs and Lows of Being a Commuter

The Beacon February 16, 2023

Many senior students know all too well the transitional experience of going from being a residential student to a commuter. Since MCLA has a three-year housing requirement for students whose home address...

The Beacon’s newest column, Written in the Stars, will provide information and insight into the horoscopes of all twelve signs.

Written in the Stars: Your February Horoscope

Macayla Flanigan, Copy Editor and Columnist February 16, 2023

Happy last few days of your season, Aquarius! Pisces, it’s almost your time to shine!  Aquarius:  You rule the 11th house of community, social causes, and friendships; this means you are...

Protecting Your Peace: Take Care of Yourself

Protecting Your Peace: Take Care of Yourself

Lily Richard, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 16, 2023

I’m not sure when asking how school is going or what your plan to do afterward became the immediate silence filler for everyone having a conversation with a student. Sufficient time for schoolwork,...

Family history has been peaking many people’s interests lately, only leading me to be more curious and fascinated by my own.

Turns Out, This Runs in the Family

Jillian Currier, Co-Editor in Chief February 16, 2023

This past weekend I was able to take the long - one hour - drive back home to visit my grandparents and hang out with my cousin who had just flown in from Texas. I only expected dinner, some talking,...

As finals week approaches, many students are beginning to feel that familiar anixety and academic burnout. Just remember that you’re almost done!

Powering Through the Final Weeks of the Fall Semester

The Beacon December 4, 2022

The final week of classes has officially drawn to a close, leaving only finals week left before we complete this semester. In some ways, this semester has felt like a slow crawl that would never end,...

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