Written in the Stars: Your May Horoscope

Macayla Flanigan, Copy Editor / Columnist

Happy, happy Taurus season!

As a little PSA before the main event (horoscopes!) I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about the (as I’m writing this) upcoming Mercury retrograde and eclipse season. Starting on April 21st and lasting until May 14th, we have Mercury going into retrograde in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of disruption and turbulence. What does this mean?

Through the 14th, expect to have some epiphanies or startling realizations; things are going to be shaken. There will be disruptions and change. It’s scary, but an inevitable part of life —trust me, I’m an earth sign. I like to think of retrogrades as periods of housekeeping and home improvement, is it gonna suck going through it? Yes. Will everything feel better after? YES. In other words, let the trash take itself out.

This retrograde is going to start to purge everything from your life that is no longer serving you or keeping you from your purpose. If you are on a path driven by ego rather than soul, you will have some rude awakenings as the universe forces you to confront yourself. My advice to you during this time is simple: I want you to take note (journaling will help) of all the areas in life where you’re noticing this turbulence. The universe is going to remove some of the negatives for you, but the rest is up to you.

If your romantic relationships are turbulent during this period, it doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed. Find where the disruption is (communication, quality time, effort, etc.) and communicate to your partner about what is no longer working and then plan to do better! While I use relationships as an example, remember that this retrograde has the possibility to affect all aspects of life from work to family to finance.

All in all, while this period won’t be comfortable for any of us, it is going to make room in our lives for the things that are specifically meant for us. Doors are closing, things are being lost, because you need to be free and open to the things that will serve your higher purpose. It’s a period of change but the kinds that will lead you to bigger and better things!

Taurus! April has been a stressful time for you, and you’ve likely struggled with your work/life balance along with having to confront some more internal struggles. You’ll be happy to know that May is a little more peaceful for you in these regards. You won’t feel like you’re constantly running from and towards something. May is going to bring you more peace, though you will likely still be busy for most of the month. These things will come easier to you after having to deal with these previous struggles.

The best advice would be to stick to your routines, focus on getting that work/life balance back, and give yourself a little tough love when you need it. May also sees you being more social and out and about with friends. Your romantic life in April carried in some much-needed attention that you’ve been loving, and I encourage you to keep this energy in May. You never know what could happen!

Hello Gemini! May looks good for you financially; there may be an unexpected influx of money that will serve you well. However, it may cause a problem with your relationships. Communication is really going to be key. With work, you should try and keep a close attention to detail, this is going to lead you to some new opportunities and maybe even a promotion.

Cancer, you may feel some pressure in the workplace this month. This could be due to some changes in your normal work schedule. Do your best not to take on more than you can chew, this change doesn’t seem like it would lead to so much pressure, but it does. Be mindful about what you’re taking on and how your future self may feel. Your best is going to look different every day, and that’s okay!

Oh, the places you’re about to go, Leo! May sees a lot of movement for you, specifically when it comes to new ventures and finances. New life opportunities may arise, and you should go for it! Lots of travel is probable, so take advantage of that time! Just be sure to keep in check any unnecessary spending, as your luck with finances will inevitably run out.

Virgo! It seems you have all your ducks in a row regarding relationships and friendships in May. Your connections are sturdy and solid, this is where earth signs really shine.

However, other aspects of life such as finances and opportunities do not seem to be going so smoothly. Listen to your gut and stay true to your sensible self when making these decisions.

Libra, you may begin to feel a little shy and insecure in May. This is something your sign really struggles with, as you’re normally so positive and outgoing. Nothing is wrong with you, Libra. It’s just some time to dive deep into your shadow work. Find the route of this insecurities and begin to heal them. It’ll help you in the long-run.

Scorpio, you are on fire this month! There is so much passion, ambition, and determination bubbling up inside you. You can’t seem to fail in May. Go after what it is you desire, the law of attraction is surely in your favor.

Hi, Sagittarius! Things seem to be pretty stable for you right now, and you deserve it! It’s been a long time coming and this sense of peace is all yours to enjoy. Though I will caution you to be mindful of balancing your vices and virtues.

Capricorn, expenses relating to health and family may pop up for you in May. I won’t lie, this is going to stress you out. But keep in mind that for the most part, you are your greatest responsibility. Don’t suffer for the comfort of others when it is not reciprocated. Not all burdens are yours to carry.

Aquarius, you’re looking to have some setbacks this month when it comes to your job. These hurdles are going to be important tests for you to pass or fail. The right option may not always be to pass, what happens is meant to happen. Try to have faith in yourself and the things you are capable of.

Pisces, dealing with your superiors in life is going to be a challenge in May. These power struggles are going to feel tedious and unwarranted, and you may be right. But these challenges are going to help you grow and give you some leadership skills you may be lacking.

Aries, the word for you this month is “prosperity”! All the seeds you’ve been planting are starting to bloom. Your hard work in different aspects of life is finally paying off! If you’ve been ignoring this work in the last few months, you may feel the turbulence of this as well. But enjoy all the positive things coming your way!