Student Spotlight: Meet Matthew Wallace, Marine and Midfielder

Tonimarie Basil, Staff Writer

Wallace carries himself as a Marine in day to day life.

Marine reservist, Lacrosse player, overnight Residence Area Security Monitor (RASM), and resident student. No one would think that these four people are one and the same, but they are. Meet Lance Corporal Matthew Wallace, a 21-year-old psychology major here at MCLA who’s in the 1/25th Marines, H&S Company.

When asked, Wallace said that his lifestyle is a challenge in both mental and physical aspects but that he would not change a single thing about his life right now.
Before he joined, Wallace was recruited from a community college to play Lacrosse at MCLA and originally never aspired to join the marines.

“Growing up, I was never really a part of any team or organization. I knew I wanted to do something that mattered, something I could be proud of,” said Wallace.
The Marines were the ones who stuck out to him because of the associated brotherhood and the work that they do for the country.

Currently, he is a reservist, so his Marine life is light right now, consisting of working on base a couple of days each month while balancing classes, lacrosse, work, and his Marine Corps online classes.

A lot of college students have a difficult time managing between school, work, sports, and having a social life; so, you can imagine the trials that come with adding military duties on top of that.

Through this work, Wallace has found that his perspective on life has shifted.

“I feel less stressed in my everyday life because now I know how difficult life can really be. The things I used to think were problems I now realize were never a big deal, especially compared to the problems I have had to deal with in the Marines.”

Wallace continued saying that the “stoic” mindset the Marine Corps has provided him with has made him realize that “a life without difficulty and stress is not a satisfying life… because of the many different cultures I’ve experienced, I feel better equipped to take on life’s challenges.”

Wallace said he is always up for a good challenge, and his busy life surely provides him with tons every day.