Written in the Stars: Your February Horoscope

Macayla Flanigan, Copy Editor and Columnist

The Beacon’s newest column, Written in the Stars, will provide information and insight into the horoscopes of all twelve signs. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Happy last few days of your season, Aquarius! Pisces, it’s almost your time to shine! 


You rule the 11th house of community, social causes, and friendships; this means you are likely to be drawn to humanitarian causes and have a strong draw towards helping others. Since 2020, Saturn (one of the social planets) has moved into Aquarius, meaning there is probably a lot going on with you socially right now. You may have or will welcome new relationships during this time. On the other side of things, the last few years have been particularly bumpy for you due to your current placement in Saturn. You may have had an epiphany or new goal come into mind in 2020, and in the last few years Saturn has put you to work. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or one-track minded just know that this is ending soon, and you will reap the rewards of the effort you put in. Unfortunately, Valentines Day seems to be bringing in an “all work and no play” attitude. Make time for yourself and the people you love; all you have to do is your best!  

Saturn will remain in Aquarius until March 7th, so enjoy this time of social shifting and know that these changes are leading to greater stability. Everything happens for a reason, Aquarius! The best is yet to come! 


Pisces, I hate to say it… February probably has not and will not be that fun for you. There seems to be a lot of disconnect between what you want and what your actions have been. During the beginning of February, you may have leaned too much into your vices rather than your virtues, although there’s still time to correct this! February can be fun for you if you keep balance in mind. Reward yourself, yes! But it’s not a little treat if you give it to yourself every day, right? 


Taurus, be on the lookout for any rising issues regarding your family. Be mindful of your stubbornness but remember that this is also a time for you to come into your own. You shouldn’t stifle your growth for someone else’s peace, but you also shouldn’t sacrifice relationships because of your ego. Look at these conflicts and rifts under a microscope; are you staying true to yourself, or can you just not admit when you’re wrong? Be sure to act accordingly. 


Hi, Cancer! You may have already had some bumps this month, but guess what? Brush yourself off and get up because things are looking good for you! This month you may find yourself to be a little more withdrawn and in your head. This isn’t a bad thing but rather an opportunity for reflection and to connect with yourself on a deeper level. You may even be inclined to explore your spirituality more. Go for it! Pay attention to your stomach and throat chakras though, there isn’t anything too worrying going on here but keep in tune with your body and listen to it. 


Leo, all I can say about you this month is that things look average. There aren’t any planets in your sign right now and it seems like you’ll be generally undisrupted during February. There really isn’t anything pressing enough to relay. My advice to you, Leo? Don’t confuse this peace for boredom. Enjoy it, savor it. Leo’s aren’t known for being peaceful or very stable. Wake up, feel the sun on your face, and stay out of trouble. 


Hi, Virgo! It seems you’ve been working hard since August due to Mars being in Gemini, like Aquarius, this period is ending in March. It’s been a long road but, like always, you’re coming out on top! These benefits will show up slowly, but I promise, they’re on their way. Pay close attention to your finances this month, there may be a significant loss or gain. Additionally, you may also become increasingly sensitive to feedback and constructive criticism towards the end of the month —what has gotten into you, Virgo? That’s not like you at all! Evaluate where this sensitivity may be coming from and then work to heal that wound. As Eleanor Roosevelt (maybe) said: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. 


Hi, Libra! It seems like February has been and will continue to be filled with opportunities for collaboration and partnerships! However, this may lead you to feeling a little exhausted —but you’re good at social situations, just let yourself be involved and try not to feel so much pressure to perform!  Like Virgo, you should keep a close eye on your money… I would recommend not mixing money and relationships this month as a precaution. Be prepared for unexpected losses or expenses.  


Scorpio, how are those mixed signals from the universe going for you? Don’t worry, all will become clear shortly and this month is looking to be pretty good for you! Here is my advice: take these mixed signals and map them out, really look at them and decide what resonates. As a Scorpio, you tend to like quick, straightforward answers, and that isn’t what you’re getting now. It looks like, especially if this situation is dealing with your career, you should regain your sense of direction towards the very end of the month. 


Hi, Sagittarius! Wow, you’ve been busy this February! Look at you go! This month holds a lot of promise for you, it’s a catalyst for all that’s to come this year. Make plans to travel, go on dates, be spontaneous! These experiences are likely to lead somewhere for you, it’s stacked in your favor. Use this month as a launch pad for the rest of your year. And as a side note… be careful about your technology this month. Save your drafts, back up your Cloud, etc. Better safe than sorry! 


Capricorn, it’s okay to take a breather. For the last seven months, Mars has been in Gemini. For you this has been a period of “pedal to the metal.” There is so much going on with you, so much you’ve been working towards, so many responsibilities. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Find a vacation in every day, you need it. You feel tired, cold, and overworked. We are in the homestretch, Capricorn. Be gentle and soft with yourself in your downtime, create your own reward system.