All About Asian Student Association at MCLA

Tonimarie Basil, Staff Writer

If you happened to be walking by Sullivan Lounge on Thursday, February 16th, you would have heard laughter and music and just overall fun. MCLA’s Asian Student Association hosted a karaoke event where anyone could sign up to sing a wide selection of songs.

The mood in the room was boisterous and equally chaotic as it was enjoyable as people came in and out of the room to sing a song or two. Karaoke has been proven to have many benefits, some of which are: healthy brain stimulation, stress relief, and aid in better breathing. There was stress relieving going on in the ASA karaoke event that night as everyone laughed and enjoyed time together without the stress of homework weighing on their minds.

Plenty of people on campus might be wondering: what is the Asian Student Association?

Asian Student Association, or ASA, is a club run by Dalena Soun ’25, formed “to create awareness of the Asian cultures and allies, to be actively involved on campus, and to be the place people go to after a long day.”

Clubs like this one are especially important for college students because they might be the only place where they feel comfortable with their identity.
Soun stressed that “even though we’re adults, it’s important to have places where you feel you can be yourself and you know you’re safe and comfortable.”

Students need a space that creates an “inclusive learning experience” while also being able to talk to others that understand them and their culture.

ASA brings a little bit of home in the Asian snacks they have at their general meetings and the chill, open environment makes talking about “serious topics like how it feels to be Asian at a predominantly white institution to which Spiderman is your favorite completely nonjudgmental,” said Soun.

The Asian Student Union also promises “to provide Asian-identifying individuals and allies a safe and welcoming space to build community, and exchange views to create an inclusive learning experience.”

The organization plans to continue to do events like karaoke night, and the previous Lunar New Year celebration; put in your calendar for late March or early April, a social for students, alumni, and faculty hosted by the ASA. Everyone is welcome in the ASA and at any of their events or meetings, so please go join and be welcomed into ASA.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message their Instagram page @asamcla or email Soun at ds3362@