MCLA Fake News Account Takes Over Campus Community

Lily Richard, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Another concealed identity MCLA Instagram (not affiliated with MCLA) is starting to get some recognition on campus with its comical and relatable news headlines.

“The purpose of the account is to make people laugh. I created it without really knowing if people would find it funny, or even find it at all. The page started picking up steam when @mcla.confessions reposted me, and it’s been all uphill from there,” said the MCLA Fake News Instagram account in an anonymous interview with the Beacon.

Within some jokes, there is a little truth. The page’s inspiration comes from what they hear.

The creator says, “When it comes to those posts, they’re usually reflections of what students are saying around campus. Like how Hoosac Hall smells, the Communications department’s underfunding, and the many complaints about the dining hall.”

They expressed that an Instagram page such as this one is lighthearted but highlights actual issues that should be addressed. However, the creator pointed out that while it’s easy to joke about the college, they like MCLA.

Unlike @mcla.confessions, @mclafakenews is operated by one person who is completely anonymous and plans to keep it that way for a while.

When asked if anyone had come close to finding out their identity they said, “Not yet, I think one of my friends has their suspicions but for now I’m still anonymous.” The top-secret identity wants to be maintained because the owner admits to being shy and is not sure they would enjoy the attention.
The page created in mid-January 2023 started because the creator is a fan of a mainstream fake news source, The Onion.

“I saw that UMASS was doing a fake news parody and thought I should give it a shot for MCLA,” said the creator.

The account holder has made it their weekend job to create posts for the week. Posts are every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday but the creator likes to make sure to keep things timely and relevant.

“I like to keep a couple of generalized posts in reserve, so I always have something to post, but if there’s a special event happening (like last week’s Super Bowl) I prioritize posting about that while it’s still fresh,” the creator explained.

Students do seem to be gravitating toward this relatable humor. The MCLA Confessions page has grown to 621 followers.

The Fake News page is still new with only 24 posts and 180 followers as of February 16 and is following no one but growing in conversation around campus.

“It’ll take a long time for my page to match the effect MCLA Confessions has had on the culture of our school. That would be awesome but I’m pretty happy with where I am now. I didn’t even think I’d get 6 followers, let alone 176,” said the creator of the page.