Written in The Stars: Your March Horoscope

Macayla Flanigan, Copy Editor / Columnist

Happy Pisces season! This issue of Written in the Stars will be giving you your horoscope for the month of March, with a special emphasis on Pisces,

Welcome to Pisces season! Aries, you’re on the horizon!


Pisces is the sign of endings and beginnings; a theme that may resonate with Pisces natives throughout their lives. You are remarked to be both the time of death and the time before birth. A unit of creation and manifestation. This makes you into very compassionate and sensitive beings.

You may struggle with being an empath, it’s hard to keep boundaries when you feel for others so much. Without the proper mindfulness, you can easily fall into the role of victim or martyr. Keep ahold of your boundaries and stick to them.

Sometimes it’s okay to put your own feelings first, you are not responsible for fixing the emotional struggles of those around you (especially if it isn’t your fault). While you are sensitive to emotion, it does help your incredible intuition.

Unfortunately, in March your romantic relationships will feel like a chore. There is a lack of pizzaz and fireworks going on but trust me, this isn’t forever. You have to leave the honeymoon phase eventually, but it doesn’t mean you won’t reenter it just as swift as you left it. It doesn’t seem like this is a good month to begin relationships either— not to say it won’t happen, but you’ll likely face some unexpected challenges along the way.


Aries, you are ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of action and motivation. This month will be an exceptionally good time for you to get stuff done or begin new projects. You’re craving progress and results, and there is nothing in the planets warning that you won’t get it.

There will still be struggles along the way, but positive outcomes seem likely. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do or start, GO DO IT!
On the other hand, Mars being in Gemini looks to make you an instigator, especially when it comes to those you love. You may find yourself to be a little more irritable, instead of instigating a problem, go do something productive.

Hi, Taurus! This month seems to be pretty boring for you, if I’m honest. There may be some struggles with work and your career, but just do your best to navigate through them. It seems like you’ll be in a good position to gain some recognition or even a promotion. Stick it out, keep your head down and work. Fun and social opportunities will likely come later in the month.

So, if you’re beginning to feel burnt out, you’ll have that to look forward to. Financially, it doesn’t look like any major losses or issues will come up in March. Anything lost has a good chance of being returned.


Gemini, look out for your health this month. Mars being in Gemini will likely make you feel restless and evoke a deep need for some adventure and discovery. Be careful not to overdo it or take on too much too fast. Health issues may occur towards the second half of the month, specifically relating to stress.
If you’re traveling, make sure to take your vitamins or drink some Emergen-C. Over-all, this is a great time to brainstorm some new projects or to be in the research stage of anything you’re currently working on.


Cancer, you have a high likelihood of making errors when it comes to your work. Make sure to exercise caution when it comes to the things you’re working on, being detail-oriented will help. There is also a strong likelihood of competition for you, and this may also lead to an icy vibe with your co-workers. March really isn’t going to be your month as there doesn’t seem to be any positive developments in your love life either. HOWEVER, this struggle looks to be the catalyst for good things to come. You’re gonna get through it!


Leo, unfortunately, like Cancer, your month is not looking good. To put it simply, the planets just aren’t aligned in your favor. Firstly, be warned of getting into situations that could lead to trouble. It’s highly likely that it will not turn out in your favor.

You may also find yourself running into some unexpected expenses, but you will see that money (and probably more!) come back to you in the second half of the month! None of this obstacles seem long term, better days are most certainly ahead!


Virgo, you are taking the world by storm with your charm this month! There seems to be a newfound confidence inside you that can’t help but spill over into all the areas of your life. This will be a great period for networking and making connections, these seem like they’ll come in handy for you in the future! Even when things seem to be going well there is still much to work on. Virgo natives often struggle with their sense of control.

Use the confidence of this month to work on going with the flow, there is no need to be scared.


Libra, unlike Virgo, you’re feeling a little insecure this month. Why are you being so critical of yourself? Nobody is holding you to such a high standard, your best looks different every day.

Unfortunately, your relationships also seem to be taking a hit this month. Nothing may be wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be many green flags either. Also, be careful with your health this month… I’m not saying there is going to be a pink-eye problem in the Libra community… but I’m not, not saying that… stop rubbing your eyes, though.


Scorpio, March is really going to be a great month for you financially! There are going to be a lot of opportunities for you to increase your income, and if you’re drawn to the arts there may even be an opportunity to earn some money from that.

However, it’s not a great month for you socially. You may struggle to connect with the people around you this month, but this isn’t a forever thing. If you find yourself wanting more time alone, focus on your passion projects and put that energy into those!


Hey, Sagittarius! Wow, this month is looking good for you in all areas! Travel seems to be in your favor, and you should expect any trips to be great! There seems to be no cause for concern regarding your finances, there seems to be a lot of returns coming back to you!

There seems to be some turbulence regarding your love life heading your way, though. Many of these problems will revolve around issues with egos. Sagittarius are known for being fiery, but do you really want to burn the people you love?


Capricorn, your finances are going to be a bumpy roller coaster this month. This may coincide with an issue with a family member. You like to provide, Capricorn. You would go without comfort in a heartbeat if you thought someone you love needed it more.

But it’s okay to be a little selfish, and in this case it’s okay to not overextend yourself financially to help others. Do what you can but be careful not to go too far.


Aquarius, there seems to be some setbacks coming your way regarding work. Things will start to snowball in the second half of the month.
My advice to you is to approach these situations by spending even more time on them. For example, if the issue arises in a project you’re working on, dedicate even more time to that problem.

Don’t run away from these challenges, they seem to be bringing you some good lessons along the way. Embrace some of the struggle and know that it’s going to be alright.