How Succession’s Final Season is Already its Best

Jillian Currier, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This review contains spoilers, proceed with caution!

Succession is one of those TV shows that you hear all about online and from random friends until you finally feel the FOMO and become pressured enough to start watching it. But unlike a majority of the shows that get pushed on you, it is actually worth the hype people give it.

Just shortly before the release of season four episode one, Jesse Armstrong, the creator of the show, announced that the fourth season would be its final one. Coming as a shock to fans and media outlets everywhere, no one seemed to be prepared for what the final season could possibly bring.

Adding onto the shock factor, cast interviews from press tours revealed that half of the cast didn’t think the finale was the series finale, and that it left room open for more seasons to come. Getting all of this information right before the first episode aired was enough to send everyone into shock, and set up the world for what is already proving to be one of the best seasons of the show by far.

Jumping into the fourth season of the show, we’re seeing the kids – Shiv, Kendall, and Roman – preparing for their anti-Logan campaign to build their own company and buy out all of Waystar’s big shareholders. Connor, left out of the company as always, is getting ready for his wedding day with Willa, Tom is right by Logan’s side spearheading his divorce with Shiv, and the rest of the characters are just following whichever side they’re on – either with or against the kids and Logan.

Little did we know, this is all just setting up for one of the biggest plot twists anyone could’ve ever seen coming, which came in just episode three of the season. Easily solidifying itself as the best episode of the show, Connor’s Wedding changed everyone’s plans, positions, and importance.

On the day of his eldest son’s wedding, on a flight to Sweden to speak with Mattson, the man seemingly buying Waystar, Logan Roy suffered from a heart attack and died. This twist may seem like something coming from a mile away plot-wise, but the way it was written and delivered was something TV has not seen before.

Usually in TV shows when a major character dies, you can tell from the music, the set-up, and the importance placed in every shot and every move by the characters. But masquerading the biggest plot twist of the series with Connor’s wedding and a normal flight across the country to talk business made sure everyone – even the kids – would have no idea of its arrival.

This episode established the kid’s love for their oldest brother, all showing up and being present at his grand wedding celebration despite their constant running jokes of his very young wife-to-be. It also established Tom’s major role shift being at Logan’s side on the flight and as he died, showed Greg being weird and off-putting as normal, and just generally flowing with the natural vibe of the show as it usually is.

And as grief and death happens, their father’s death came out of nowhere. We see Shiv getting a call from Tom and denying it, and then Roman getting the same call from Tom and answering it, only to be hit with the news that his dad is receiving chest compressions on the plane.

Shot all in one take, a 27-minute long real-time scene, we see all of the kids talking to their dead father through the phone, being hit with the realization that he’s gone, and cycling through their options going forward. It is one of the most gut-wrenching episodes of the series, and sets up the rest of the season for some major drama.

The following episode occurs the very next day, at his funeral, as they discover that Logan once wished for Kendall to take over the company as CEO if he were to die. With their complicated backstory and love-hate relationship, it seems out of place, but nothing ever seems in-place in this show to begin with.

The funeral wraps up with Roman and Kendall running the company from an interim position, Shiv being left out from the big decisions, and everyone seemingly back in their usual positions in the company’s hierarchy.

Even though Logan is gone, he is just as involved in the happenings of the company, even taking on a bigger role as his absence needs to be filled one way or another. And with Shiv’s unannounced pregnancy and a presidential election becoming more and more important, the next six episodes have a lot to live up to as episode three stands tall amongst the rest.