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Let the Good Times Roll: Welcomefest for Students and Staff

Welcomefest: Where Work Gets Left Behind and Fun Takes Charge
Photo from iBerkshires

Get ready, and hold onto your hats, because we’ve got some electrifying news that will make your heart race! In a jaw-dropping twist that left the monotony of everyday life in the dust, students and staff embarked on an unforgettable journey into a world of exhilarating amusement at Welcomefest. Picture this: a radiant afternoon on September 15th, when the Student Engagement Office rolled out the red carpet for an event that would leave everyone breathless.

Welcomefest had a lineup that could rival any heart-pounding adventure. The Taconic lawn was transformed into an epic playground, and no one could resist diving headfirst into the action. Mini golf pros showcased their skills, navigating challenging courses with finesse, while the bounce house fanatics defied gravity with leaps and somersaults that would make your jaw drop.

But wait, there’s more! Welcomefest also served up a sizzling game of beach volleyball, giving students the chance to spike, serve, and dive in the sand. This was more than just an event; it was an experience that etched itself into the hearts and memories of all who were lucky enough to be there. Welcomefest 2023 set the bar higher than ever, promising an academic year filled with unbridled enthusiasm and unforgettable moments.

Organizing Welcomefest wasn’t a walk in the park for the Student Engagement team, especially with limited power options. However, that didn’t deter the E-board members from pulling off a spectacular event for everyone. According to Alison Williams, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, “The only challenging aspect was the limited power, but other than that, it was a breeze working with our vendors and my E-board to plan everything.”

What’s even more exciting is that many students have expressed their appreciation for this year’s Welcomefest, noting significant improvements compared to the previous year. Charles Darling commented, “I would say that participation in this event, as well as many others, is much better this year, which is really great to see.”

Amy added, “Welcomefest is a blast! I’ve been beating my friend Jasmine at every game, so I’m absolutely loving this moment.”

The enthusiasm was contagious, and it’s safe to say that both students and staff had a blast at this year’s Welcomefest. As they bask in the memories of this unforgettable event, they’re already looking forward to the next one. Stay tuned for more heart-pounding adventures!

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