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Catching Up With MCLA Confessions: The Past, Present, and Future


The internet, and social media in particular, is a vital part of the modern college student’s life. For many, checking social media timelines is the first thing they do after waking up, and the last thing before falling asleep. This is why the continued popularity of the MCLA Confessions page on Instagram makes absolute sense.

@mcla.confessions, an Instagram account currently hosting 700+ followers, posts anonymous confessions from MCLA students, obtained through a Google form linked in the account’s bio. The confessions vary and can consist of opinions about the campus and its amenities, or regard situations or people observed at MCLA. 

The identity of MCLA Confessions is anonymous, but the admins of the page agreed to an interview with The Beacon. Some former admins, however, have revealed their involvement with the page. Audrey Perdue, an MCLA alumna of 2023, is a former admin. When asked how she joined the page, she reveals that it is a secret, but mentions that she started in her junior year, after being a fan of the page beforehand. 

Perdue states that she “loved being a part of the confessions page. It became part of [her] daily routine to curate the posts and it was so fun to get a glimpse into the lives of MCLA students.” Perdue highlights that while she was not exactly quiet in college, she, “wasn’t really popular, so no one suspected [her], which made it even more fun.” In the classroom, Perdue witnessed experiences of professors interacting with the posts of MCLA Confessions. The admins of MCLA Confessions also try to have more fun with the account, stating that, “not a lot goes into it,” and that they’ve, “tried to stray away from the pressure of feeling like [they] need to post consistently.” 

Perdue highlights a scenario in which Dr. Carter psychoanalyzed the pages’ posts in class, and a scenario in Dr. Shustack’s class in which a post Perdue made consisted of a confession that references something from her specific class, a scenario that ensued drama that was, “pretty funny to watch.” Regarding professors reacting to the posts existing on MCLA confessions, Perdue explains that most professors are absolutely aware of the page. “I’d even see professors and administrators viewing our stories,” Perdue explains, “do with that knowledge what you will.” 

Regarding the nature of the posts submitted to the page, the Confessions Team express that, “it can get kinda easy to focus on the amount of negative/rude submissions [they] get and think “everyone here is having a bad time”, but [they] still do get many submissions about happy and positive experiences people are having with the school or other students.” Negative confessions seem more prevalent, as, “the loudest voices are the negative ones,” says MCLA Confessions, and many students, “have a tendency to run to Confessions with a negative comment more so than when [they] have a positive one because you feel like your negative statement will get more traction.” 

When asked if MCLA Confessions is a good outlet for students, the admins answer with, “yes and no.” “We think it’s a good outlet for students,” says MCLA Confessions, “but we can’t really remember a time when actual change came about from any of our posts.” Perdue believes that the page is, “beneficial in that it allows students to have their say on things that happen on campus because professors and administrators do see the posts.” To the admins of MCLA Confessions, significant change to the campus was never the initial goal of this page, they, “just wanted people to be having fun.” 

When asked about the future of MCLA confessions, both Perdue and the Confessions Team believe that the page absolutely has longevity. “We seem to be doing pretty good as it stands right now,” states MCLA Confessions. However, “both of [their] admins are graduating this May and while [they] would love to do something fun like take applications or find people to replace [them], [they] haven’t officially decided yet.” Regardless of the potential and specifics of the page’s future, MCLA Confessions, “would hate to see the account just end.” 

Perdue elaborates on this subject by stating that she doesn’t, “think the page is going anywhere. If this one disappears, [she thinks] another will form in its place. Students will always find a way to speak their minds.” Perdue has no opinion on whether the page should change anything about its format, as she highlights that it’s, “not [her] place anymore to say that the page should change in any way.” “I don’t even follow it anymore because I have no interest in reading the relationship drama of college freshmen at this point in my life,” says Perdue, but, “I’ll always love the page for the great time it gave me in college, though!”. 

Since its formation in 2021, MCLA Confessions has provided an outlet for students to express both their positive and negative opinions about MCLA and the people who study and work there. Anything that can aid students in venting their frustrations, or even just offer the opportunity to be positive and find humor in the college experience is worth preserving for as long as possible.


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