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Dodging Destiny: Inside the Heart-Pounding Chaos of MCLA’s Double Trouble Dodgeball Showdown

Graphic by Angelina Clark.

Hold tight, dodgeball enthusiasts! MCLA just hosted the mother of all dodgeball extravaganzas, unleashing a whirlwind of dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging for students eager to claim victory. 

A battlefield filled with more than 10 students, armed and ready to showcase their dodgeball prowess in a spectacle that unfolded on the 7th. The annual dodgeball tournament, designed as the ultimate release valve for academic pressure, transformed the campus into a frenzy of flying balls, strategic dodges, and epic showdowns. The competition reached a fever pitch, with energy levels skyrocketing off the charts.

Team one, named “The Strikes,” was poised to seize the championship and take home the glory. Jack Bortle from the class of ’27 expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I think it’s great just to be able to compete against my classmates, and it’s a good time dodging some balls out there.” The camaraderie and competitive spirit were evident as Conner proudly declared, “Our team is really great. Our first dodgeball game was rough, but the boys bounced back and battled, and we’re going to be ready for the championship game.”

While there’s an ongoing debate about whether the teams should be evenly divided between the athletes and non-athletes to ensure fairness, the prevailing sentiment is that everyone is having an absolute blast. Irving Mogene, a participant from the class of ’25, shared his perspective, saying, “Seeing the teams kick each other’s butts, having fun, and having a good time is my favorite part.” The joy of the game transcends the intricacies of team composition.

What adds an extra layer of excitement to this tournament is that it didn’t happen just once, but twice! That’s right: double the dodges, double the thrills! Students got the unique chance to flaunt their dodgeball prowess not once, but twice, ensuring that every dodgeball maestro had a shot at glory.

In the end, the strikers emerged victorious. Whether you were a seasoned dodgeball pro or a newcomer aiming for a memorable debut, MCLA’s dodgeball tournament was the place to be. After all, who can resist the heart-pounding adrenaline of dodging, throwing, and maybe even snagging a rogue dodgeball mid-air?

As the tournament comes to a close, both participants and onlookers are left with a lingering sense of exhilaration and a shared excitement for the dodgeball dreams of the next year. So, until the next dodgeball extravaganza comes around, keep those dodgeball dreams alive, and always remember the golden rule: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.

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