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Trailblazers vs. AMCATS: A Women’s Ice Hockey Recap

February 2, 2024


The Friday night MCLA Women’s Ice Hockey game was a race against time between the Trailblazers and the AMCATS. The game started at 6:00 PM on February 2, 2024. As soon as the puck was put down, the audience was at the edge of their seats, and the crowd ruptured with cheers and screams. 

Emma Parente ’27 says, “I heard about the game from my friend Olivia Dame (’27). We planned to go right after dinner. I know multiple people on the team so I’m here to cheer them on, especially because the girl’s team doesn’t get enough attention.” 

Dame, Parente’s friend, states, “I saw it on the MCLA Athletics page on Instagram. I’m not here to support specific people. I just love the girls, supporting the girls.” 

Both Parente and Dame left a few words of encouragement for the MCLA Hockey Girls. 

“You’re gonna do great! You got this, you worked hard for it! Just try your best!” says Parente. 

Dame nods in agreement, then adds, “I’d do anything for you guys!”

In the first ten minutes, Mill Monell (Forward), circles around the net, almost scoring the first goal for the Trailblazers. Soon after, AMCATS 12’ steals the puck, but Alex Bednar (Forward) comes from behind her and takes the puck back from the other team. 

For a while, both the Trailblazers and AMCATS continued to play defense, when Belle Wurmser (Forward) almost made a goal, before the puck was blocked at the last by the other team’s goalie. 

Within the first twenty-five minutes of the first quarter, Juliette Barney (Goalie) saved about 13 attempted scores from the AMCATS. 

Both the AMCATS 11’ and Abby Davis (Forward) fought for the puck, ending up against the wall, when Davis managed to steal the puck from their player, and get it to the AMCATS side of the rank. 

At 6:28 pm the first quarter ended, the audience relaxed, and the ice was cleaned off. 

When the Referees called the second quarter to begin, the Trailblazers started off strong with the puck, saving each attempted score from the AMCATS with success. Barney continues to block the puck from entering the net after multiple face-offs. 

The AMCATS made the first score, now 1-0, and the Trailblazers fought to redeem themselves. 

Natasha LoZowchuck (Defense) makes a comeback for the Trailblazers and comes from behind AMCATS 25’, stealing the puck from the other team. AMCATS 12’ then comes from behind LoZowchuk and attempts to steal the puck back, but LoZowchuk passes it off to her team member, and the audience explodes in cheer. 

When AMCATS 27’ proceeds to hit a Trailblazer player, some of the audience argues and yells that the AMCATS have not been getting enough penalties. One audience member, who would like to remain anonymous, says “The AMCATS have been intentionally attacking our team. I see them keep on hitting our team members in the face.” 

AMCAT 25’ continues to try and steal the puck from the Trailblazers, almost succeeding, until Abby Pomajba (Forward) comes in and saves the puck right before 25’ was able to reach for it. When the AMCATS finally did get a hold of the puck, Maggie Danchak (Forward) stole it right back. 

When a new set of players from the Trailblazers were sent on the ice, Mallory Stuart (Defense) races with AMCAT 14’ for the puck. 14’ passes the puck off to AMCAT 26’, but before 26’ is able to score, Stuart steals the puck before it reaches the net. 

Soon the second quarter is over, and the score remains 1 for the AMCATS and 0 for the Trailblazer. 

When the third quarter begins, the Trailblazer team hits their hockey sticks against the rank and the MCLA audience stomps their feet in support for the Trailblazer Team. 

Soon enough, Katie Picca (Forward), scores a goal for the MCLA and the crowd goes wild. Her teammates crowd around her, giving her pats on the back and hugs to celebrate. The score is now 1-1. 

After the teams are called to strategies, AMCATS 27’ knocks a Trailblazer team member to the ground and is sent to the penalty box by the Referees. Trailblazer Teammates run to their teammates side to check on her. When she is able to get back on her feet, the MCLA audience grows loud, yelling at 27’ as she skates to the penalty box.

When the game reaches its last quarter, overtime is called, and it was concluded that at one point in the game Barney (Goalie) stopped 67 attempted scores from the AMCATS. The game is soon called a tie, 1-1, and the audience cheers for their teams.

The game ends with both teams engaging in high fives. 

Maggie Danchak (Forward), graduating class of 2027 and a member of the MCLA Women’s Ice Hockey team, says “I thought we could have done a lot better, but overall, it was not the worst we played. I want to give a shout-out to my wonderful roommate Becky Ade (’27), who had to play defense even though she is normally a Forward.”

The girls did an amazing job tonight! Be sure to support the MCLA Women’s Hockey Team and attend the next game!

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