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Let’s Talk Trivia With WJJW


On Wednesday, March 6th, WWJW hosted a game of Music-Themed Trivia in the Campus Center Marketplace, offering a chance for MCLA students to win a prize. The prizes consisted of headphones, along with other fun prizes. The event was hosted by Ben Macfadzen (26’) and Toni Basil (26’) who welcomed and encouraged all students to participate. Most of the Trivia questions were considered fairly simple by both WJJW and the students, resulting in a lot of success on a scale of participation. Many students chose to participate more than once or twice. 

“If you get a question right, you get a ticket for a raffle and put that ticket into one of these three jars. Each jar is for a different one of these prizes,” Macfadzen explains. 

Macfadzen is on the E-Board as Vice President of WJJW, the radio station for MCLA, which features a variety of programming from music to comedy and offers hands-on experience in production and live broadcasting. He is currently hosting his own show and working on “Mai Ring Indra”. 

As Vice President, Macfadzen is in charge of tabling events and to partake in community outreach, as well as advertisement. 

“We wanted to give back to the MCLA,” he says, “I think it’s good for you to be involved in the community. If you keep doing the same stuff everyday, you’re going to go crazy. I think everyone should be in at least one club, it’s really fun.” 

Theo Baker (26’), a Trivia participant says, “A good friend of mine stopped and asked if I wanted to partake in this event, and I said yes, I would love to.” 

Baker was given three different musical questions, “What band sang ‘Radioactive’”, “Who sang ‘Roar’”, and “Who released ‘Thriller’”? Answering all three right, Baker was given three tickets to enter for a price. 

“I think Trivia is really cool,” Baker says “…and I’d love the chance to win something from the raffles. I felt really confident in answering the Trivia questions, and I would definitely recommend this event to other students. It’s one way to have fun and spend time with others on campus. Who doesn’t want that? There’s also prizes, and who wouldn’t want those?” 

WJJW appeared to have gained a lot of attention from the large number of students who attended. Students returned multiple times to the table before and after lunch, stopping by on their way to class, and others simply came to socialize, join their friends, and meet new ones. 

Baker articulates the importance and benefits of attending school events such as WJJW’s Trivia. He expresses the enjoyment these events bring to students and the appreciation he has for the people that host them. 

“School events, for me, are important for meeting new people, getting out of the dorms, and having fun on campus. I think it’s important to have these types of things as often as you can at schools,” he explains. 

Later in the day, Baker expresses excitement, announcing that he won a WJJW’s Trivia prize! 

“I won the prizes!” he shouts. 

Baker’s exhilarated reaction was a demonstration of the hope in reactions that WJJW was looking for. Their mission, to give back to the community and to gain more attention for the student body seemed to be an overall success. 

WJJW encourages the student body to listen to their radio station and to contact them if you or someone else you know is interested in building and gaining skills in the field of live broadcasting, production, teamwork, and individual expression.

Check out WWJJW’s Facebook and Instagram, the radio station is active seven days a week. The schedule is listed on 

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