An Exciting New Chapter Awaits for Amoure


Amoure Joseph ’23 singing at SAC’s Talent Show during the spring semester.

Karesha Graham, BWN Reporter

MCLA senior and musical artist in the making Amoure Joseph is excited to graduate and continue using her voice to comfort others. Her singing started in elementary school when she joined her first choir and gained experience singing in front of a crowd. 

“I’ve been singing all of my life, the first time I ever officially started singing with a group was in elementary. The school had an audition for students who wanted to join the choir and I auditioned,” said Joseph. She spent the rest of her years at Indian Orchard elementary school singing many kinds of music such as classic, beautiful music, Beethoven, and opera. Indian Orchard elementary choir had numerous performances which led the choir to the big stage, an experience Joseph said boosted her confidence, “When it was time for the choir to perform, we performed on TV. We sang in symphonies in front of thousands of people. It was, it was amazing. And since then, I just kept singing and I’ve been in choirs all my life.” 

Joseph then went on to join her high school choir and had a wonderful time in high school because she got to do something she was passionate about. “In high school, I was a Soprano two, so I’ve always been singing high notes. I remember this time in high school where we had this one song that we had to perform and the highest note was extremely high,” said Joseph. “The night of the performance when we had our concert, it was dead quiet, and I had stood up and I went to the front of the stage singing my note. And I just remember it being so amazing, I felt good about It.”  

Joseph left high school feeling good about her singing and the experiences she had gained from performing in different environments. In college, Joseph hoped to gain more of the same experiences she had in elementary and high school, but unfortunately had to stop singing for a while. In her junior year of college, Joseph had the opportunity to take part in a talent show here at MCLA, in which she gained recognition and won first place.  

“Winning first place made me want to continue to work on my confidence singing solo and my voice. Even though it didn’t really feel like a competition, I gained some confidence from it,” Joseph commented on the experience. Family and friends adore Joseph’s voice, some even say that she needs to take her singing to the next level.  

“I’ve always told her that she should try out for America’s got talent, or at least make covers of songs and post it on YouTube or TikTok,” said Joseph’s boyfriend Paul Avant, a former MCLA student. 

“I’ve always believed that my daughter was born with a beautiful voice. Sometimes she would be around the house singing while doing chores, I’ve always made sure that she gets the opportunity to do something that she enjoys. If she decided to take singing seriously, I would still be happy,” said Joseph’s mother Gail.  

As for Joseph herself, she hopes to gain more confidence in her voice and get into the habit of using it more frequently, as many people are encouraging her and showing support for her passion.