SGA: Important Budget Decisions are on the Horizon

Aurora Bullett, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association meeting on March 6th covered many important topics regarding the rest of the semester and next year. SGA meetings occur every Monday at 7pm in Murdock 218. All students who wish to have their voices heard are welcome to attend. 


SGA would like to remind students that they hold office hours Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. These office hours are held in the SGA office in room 316 on the third floor of the Campus Center. Students are welcome to attend these office hours to speak with any SGA members about any concerns.  


SGA will not meet on the 20th of March as travel courses will still be in progress and many of the senators will be unable to attend. The next meeting will occur on the 27th of March. During that meeting the senators will review the Budget and Finance Committee’s recommendations for next year’s club budgets and make a final decision about how much money each club will receive. SGA President Ian Crombie ‘23 encourages executive members of clubs to attend and be a part of that conversation. He said that after initial budgets are submitted, clubs cannot change their requests, but SGA can choose to give clubs more money if they believe it is necessary. 


President Crombie reported that the total funds that are available for clubs for the next fiscal year is estimated to be $260,000. If the Budget and Finance committee’s recommendations are approved without any changes, there would be a supplement of $23,126.80 that can be given to clubs that find themselves in need of more money throughout the fiscal year. 


Leo Skoble ‘23, President of the Tabletop and Video Games Club got a head start on the budget debate by pleading his case to the Student Government. The TVGC requested $750 but the Budget and Finance Committee recommended they receive $650. Skoble said that not only is $650 not enough, but now they need a total of $800 because since the budget request was submitted, since the TVGC has acquired more members and has added a fifth meeting every week for attendees to play Magic: The Gathering. President Crombie said that he and the other senators would make a note of Skoble’s request, and they would take it into consideration when making their final budget decisions. 


President Crombie reported on the success of several recent campus events. He said that despite the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday events being canceled due to weather, Winter Week was a huge success. The Wednesday Campus Center Takeover was a big hit with students and clubs alike. In addition, Friday’s Pie a Professional event raised over $150.  


After much deliberation, the Academic Policies Committee decided to combine the Student Success Check-in Policy with the Midterm Warning Policy to make support more accessible for students who need it.  


SGA is looking for guest speakers to attend their meetings in April. Anyone who would like to recommend a speaker should contact SGA President Ian Crombie.